Media monitoring of the election campaign in partnership with British Echo Research

In February 2008 MediaBrand Agency acted as the local partner for the International Echo Research Company during the media monitoring in Armenia of the pre-election campaign first week.

European Foundation for Democracy, based in Brussels, ordered the monitoring.

The monitoring covered the basic news programs and interviews of presidential candidates in 8 broadcast media and 12 newspapers.

Commenting on partnership with MediaBrand, UGE Sector Director of the Echo Research Karen Prichard said:

“Global Research Company Echo Research was commissioned by the European Foundation for Democracy to conduct a study of Armenian mainstream media (TV, radio and printed press) in order to establish the degree of freedom exhibited in reporting in the pre-presidential election campaign period.

Echo worked closely with Media Brand, the media monitoring agency, which specified the media to track, collated the coverage and was able to deliver over a high speed connection to London on a daily basis, where Armenian and Russian speaking analysts carried out the research and where the report was put together. Media Brand also supported Echo with their knowledge of the local media and culture and the two organizations are hoping to further develop the relationship".